At American Outback Buildings, the pricing of our buildings is dependent on many factors and therefore,
we are not able to publish an exact price list. Some of the factors that impact the pricing are:

• The style of the building – four main styles (Gable, American Barn, Gambrel, and Single Slope), or a
combination of these.

• The size of the building – many thousands of sizes possible, as we custom manufacture all our
buildings to your exact size requirements – down to fractions of an inch without any added waste.

• The location of the building – differing local building code requirements.

• The options and finishes chosen for the building – roof and siding profiles and gauges,
window and door sizes, quantities and locations, mezzanines, lofts, overhangs, insulation, gutters, etc.

• Each building is provided with a detailed construction package (erection manuals, labeled bill of materials, etc.)
as well as engineered and wet-stamped blueprints for the building, including concrete foundation plans.

Please give us a call, and we will work out a design that works for you and provide you with
the best possible pricing at no cost or obligation to you. We look forward to being able so serve your needs.












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