About Us

American Outback Buildings is a quality steel building company based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The scope of our market however is much broader, having worked with customers throughout the United States. Regardless of whether a customer is three or three thousand miles away, our commitment to meeting their building needs remains the same. For instance, if you need a building in California or a nearby state, your custom building kit will be shipped from the Woodland, California plant just outside Sacramento.

All of the steel products, fasteners, doors, insulation, and other supplies used in the construction of our fully galvanized steel buildings are manufactured and distributed in the United States by U.S. companies. With manufacturing plants and service centers strategically located throughout the country, we are well suited to meet the steel building needs of anyone who calls us.

As you will see in browsing at the many pictures included with this web site, we offer a wide selection of designs, sizes and colors in our buildings. In fact, through our proprietary software, we are able to customize any building to fit the exact needs of our customers. Regardless of whether you prefer the rugged Outback look or a more traditional look, complete with a cupola, weather vane and window shutters, we are able to provide you with a building that will meet your taste.

As a further demonstration of our benchmarks of quality and service, each custom building comes with wet-stamped engineered blueprints and calculations for the benefit of obtaining any needed building permit or ordinance approval. These blueprints are prepared by our structural engineers in accordance with International Building Codes (IBC), and Uniform Building Codes (UBC), and the wind/snow loads and exposures requested by the customer. Even the concrete foundation for your slab or piers are completely engineered and stamped to comply with your local building department requirements.

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a price quote on the building of your choice. After reviewing our available styles, give us a call. We think you will be surprised with our very affordable prices.

American Outback Buildings, LLC. Lancaster, PA and Tampa, FL

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